Pastoral & College System
Your Mentor and Academic Pupil Pastoral Lead (APPL) All pupils, Years 7 – 11 are divided into Mentor (tutor) Groups. Every effort is made to ensure that you feel happy, safe and secure in your new group. Your Mentor Group will meet for 30 minutes every
morning for registration and to discuss Tutorial topics also to complete our Citizenship programme.

We have four Colleges (sometimes called houses) at The Westwood Academy – Bannister, Maxwell, Raleigh and Seacole.

Bannister College is named after Sir Roger Bannister who ran the first sub four minute mile on 6th May 1954.

Maxwell College – is named after James Clerk Maxwell (1831–1879), the Scottish mathematical physicist famous for his work on electromagnetism.

Raleigh College is named after Sir Walter Raleigh the famous explorer.

Seacole College is named after Mary Seacole, the nurse who helped soldiers during the Crimean war over 150 year ago.

All new pupils will find out which College they will join on either Transition Day in July (Year 7) or just prior to joining us if you join us ‘in year’. Every College in the school has a pastoral academic lead, called an APPL, in some schools these are called Year Heads. Each college has its own subtly different school tie so you can quickly recognise pupils in other year groups who are also in your college. They and your Mentor will ensure you are well looked after and will help you to deal with day to day issues. It is usually your APPL to whom your parents will speak if they wish to discuss your progress.

Throughout the year we have inter college days where normal timetable teaching is deferred in favour of College Day activities and our annual Sports Day celebrations always have an inter college rivalry.

We have high expectations of all pupils in all year groups. Excellent standards of punctuality, attendance, behaviour and uniform will be encouraged and rewarded throughout the year. We will expect pupils to do their best at all times and to enter into the life of the school, making the most of the full programme of extra‐curricular opportunities that are on offer.

We look forward to celebrating your achievements as often as possible during the year.
If your parent or carer needs any information from now on they should telephone Student Reception on 024 7642 6905 where the Receptionist will refer them to the appropriate APPL.