The Westwood Academy

School Vision/Ethos


The Westwood Academy is a school within the Kenilworth Multi-Academy Trust. It is our intention to be a ‘centre of excellence’.


Exceptional academic achievement is at the heart of this vision. Education entitlement for all pupils and staff is a given. Regardless of faith, race, ability or need, all pupils are driven to succeed because of the highest quality education offered by our exceptionally well-qualified staff. Increasingly we will be the school of choice both within and beyond our local community. Staff will also be supported to be the best that they can be. A high quality, bespoke professional development programme inspires the best quality teaching programmes. Their commitment to the school and its pupils is unrivalled and their expertise is recognised and shared at a local and national level. We find opportunities with other schools to work on joint projects that collectively improve our educational offer. Westwood will offer its pupils a whole school experience that cannot be matched.

A diverse range of opportunities will ensure that pupils can explore their interests both within and outside of the classroom. Well qualified staff will deliver a rich, varied and personalised curriculum. An intelligent and bespoke careers and skills strategy will be the driver for curriculum choices and ambitions from year seven through to year thirteen. Working alongside their peers and staff they become well-rounded individuals who regularly demonstrate the qualities that will be necessary for them to be successful beyond school, into higher education and the work place.

Westwood students reach their academic potential, are valued by employers and become contributing citizens to British Society and the world beyond. Our pupils will seek to be involved in social projects and fundraising including working with our senior citizens, serving at food banks and co-designing with architects on the City’s building projects. Pupil leadership opportunities will continue to encourage our young people to get involved in the cultural and operational growth of the school, from interviewing prospective staff to developing the curriculum further. It is our ambition that every child at the school will be involved in at least one other aspect of school life and a wealth of opportunities are provided to stimulate their extracurricular interests. Our commitment to achievement, relationships, personal development and collective responsibility can be seen in every lesson but also beyond the classroom. In corridors, on the sports field, on residential visits, in the community and at awards presentations we thrive on the opportunities that the school provides to allow us to be ‘excellent’ in all that we do and to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Our mission is to be an outstanding school for and because of our pupils and staff. This will be achieved by

  • Ensuring our pupils and staff have the highest aspirations for self, others and the school
  • Delivering high quality and engaging teaching and learning opportunities
  • Personalising pupil and staff experiences and curriculum
  • Maintaining a supportive, safe, nurturing and family environment in which to learn
  • Adopting the five ‘British’ values that we embed into our strategy and day to day actions; democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


Our aim is to offer an outstanding educational provision. Linked to the mission statement above, this will be evidenced through

  • Exceptional examination outcomes
  • High attendance and engagement
  • A fit for purpose curriculum offer
  • A warm, respectful and caring culture; staff who go the extra mile to secure high outcomes for pupils
  • An inclusive ethos; staff, parents and pupils are involved in the democratic decision making about our school, to ensure success and happiness we will work within the co-constructed rules (ways of working) that we share, we embrace differences to ensure individual liberty, and we have mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.