Times of the School Day

All pupils must be in school every day by 8.40am and must attend all lessons throughout the day on time.  Punctuality is very important to the smooth running of the school and will allow all pupils to get the best out of the school day.

8.40am Advisory bell (this means start making your way to your mentor room)
8.45 9.15

Mentor Time   

9.15 10.15

Period One

10.15 11.15

Period Two

11.15 11.35


11.35 12.35

Period Three

12.35 1.10


1.10 2.10

Period Four

2.10 3.10

Period Five

Breaks and Lunchtime
  • Meals are available on a cafeteria basis.  You can choose from a variety of meals and desserts (including vegetarian). Sandwiches and salads are also available and we run a cashless catering system where parents can top up their child’s accounts via Parent Pay.
  • If you wish to bring your own lunch, (sandwiches etc.) you may do so, but it must be eaten in the dining room.  You may buy drinks from there if you wish. All food, including packed lunches must be eaten either in the dining room or on the patio area just outside the dining room.
  • During the lunch period many extra-curricular activities take place in PE, Music, Art and many other departments. 
  • The dining room is open for breakfast by 8am every day. There are sandwiches, snacks and drinks available in the dining room before school starts at 8:40 and during morning break. The dining room is a great place to meet your friends.