The Kenilworth Multi Academy Trust (KMAT) is proud of our schools, which provide an excellent all-round education, giving all young people the confidence to be successful and make progress.

Learning is at the heart of the KMAT and our curriculum provision will be personalised, inclusive and adapted to meet the needs of all learners.  All pupils will do well, irrespective of their prior attainment and socio-economic profile. 

The curriculum and co-curriculum provision will stimulate a passion for independent learning and the development of broader life skills, as well as embracing academic skills.  All pupils will be supported, and their differences will be recognised, respected and valued.

Pupils will be encouraged to reflect on issues that are important to them and to articulate their opinions and to use all learning opportunities to become more reflective, resilient and resourceful in coping with the ever-changing pressures on them.

Our schools are at the heart of their communities, serving the needs of young people living in their localities and acting as a hub for the benefit of the community.

As the KMAT we will use the strengths and expertise throughout our schools to provide excellent CPD opportunities for all staff leading to sustained improvement in student outcomes across the Trust. We will build on nationally awarded accreditations within our schools (Teaching School, School Direct, World Class School, Quality Inclusion Mark, National Support School, National Leader of Education and National Leader of Governance) to develop and integrate system leadership and school improvement within and beyond the KMAT.

The KMAT is committed to embedding system leadership and school improvement in all of our schools and will want to be we have the right vision and ethos to bring about positive outcomes for all pupils when we consider our expansion plans.


Governors List 2021

Parent Governors

Mrs Emma Sharp – Chair of Local Governing Body

Mr Thomas Such – Vice Chair of Local Governing Body

Academy Governors

Ms Helen Lawrence – Head of School

Mr Ben Brereton

Mr Martin Vickery

Mrs Emily Noonan

Mrs Sarah Leigh

Miss Elaine Matchett

Staff Governors

Mr Andrew Clough

Ms Rachel Massey


A Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is a charitable company limited by guarantee.  A Member is a member of the company.  Each Member is bound by an undertaking.  The Trust’s Members have authority for:

Collectively appointing and removing other Members and the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board Trustees

Ratifying the Annual Accounts

Making changes to the Trust’s Articles of Association


The KMAT Members will comprise of 3 individuals at the outset, increasing to 5 by 2020, none of whom may be an employee of any of the schools within the Trust.  One of the KMAT Trustees will also sit on the KMAT Members’ Board; this will be the Chair of the KMAT Board.

Initial appointments to the KMAT Members’ Board will be made by the KMAT Trustees in accordance with the Trust’s Articles of Association, The Academies Financial Handbook and the DfE’s Governors’ Handbook. Each indivudual school within KMAt will have its own Local Governing Body who are responsible for day to day operational management of their school via a system of delegated governing authority.

Governors Terms of Office and Meeting Structure

The term of office for any Governor is four years; the current structure comprises up to 8 general or academy governors, two staff governors, a maximum of 3 co-opted governors and not less than two parent governors. The Head of School is also a governor. Subject to remaining eligible to be a particular type of Governor any Governor may be reappointed or re-elected. Where required the Governing Body will hold Governor Elections, e.g. for parent governors, the rules governing any election are as laid out in the term of office documentation and as directed by statute.



The training and induction provided for new and existing Governors will depend on their existing experience. Where necessary induction will include training on educational, legal and financial matters. All new Governors will be given the opportunity of a tour of the Academy, have the chance to meet with staff and pupils and are provided with copies of key documents, such as policies, procedures, accounts, budgets, plans and other documents they need to undertake their role as Governors. As there is expected to be only a small number of new Governors a year, induction will be carried out informally and will be tailored specifically to the individual. Training provided by the Coventry Governor Support Unit can also be accessed as required by any governor.

The Chair of Governors will oversee the training of all Governors and will provide a training schedule and agree Link Governors for individual academy faculties.


The Local Governing Body acts as a group, although each governor makes up their own mind about matters considered. Governors are responsible for the mission, aims and the values of the school. They decide with the Head Teacher how the school will develop; maintain and improve standards; and approve the policies and procedures which will support that development. To do things effectively, governors serve on committees and task groups: they attend meetings, get to know the school, undertake training and promote the interest of the school and the education of its pupils.


If you need to contact the Chair of the Local Governing Body please do so by writing to:

Mrs Emma Sharp
Chair of Local Governing Body
The Westwood Academy
Mitchell Avenue
Coventry. CV4 8DY

Or e mail: and mark you e mail For the Attention of the Chair of Governors in the subject field

If you would like to contact the Chair of the KMAT Board of Trustees please address your letter to:

Mr Matthew Clements-Wheeler
Kenilworth School
Leyes Lane