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Joining us at The Westwood Academy

During your child’s final year at Primary school you will receive an invitation to The Westwood Academy’s Open Evening, held every September.  You are, of course, welcome to visit our school at any time, but during the summer and Autumn Term all parents of Year 5 pupils in our feeder Primary schools receive personal invitations to specific events such as the Open Evening, carnival or a coffee morning.  On Open Evening, you will have the chance to meet the Leadership Team and Governors.  During Open Evening you can also meet teaching staff and discuss aspects of the curriculum, which interest you.  You can visit our excellent facilities, and, of course, you can see many examples of our pupils work.

On Open Evening, pupils are available to show you round and to tell you about the school.  In the Autumn term you will receive official transfer documents from the Local Authority (LA) inviting you to select your preferred Secondary school.  Your child’s Primary school will also organise meetings to discuss transfer to Secondary education.  Obviously, we hope that you will feel confident about entrusting your child’s secondary education to us.  We care for every child as an individual and strive to meet children’s needs so that they achieve the highest possible academic standards that they are capable of.  The Local Authority informs the Secondary school of its prospective pupils in the Spring Term, and we then keep in close contact with our new parents for the rest of Year 6.  Our Leadership Team, Director of Transition and Director of Social Inclusion visit your child’s Primary school.  They meet the children and begin to get to know them.  They talk to their teachers about the progress each child has made and what their particular needs are.  Our programme of teaching lessons within the primary school continues. In this way your child comes to know a number of our teaching staff before they join us in September.  Discussions take place with Primary school teachers to decide your child’s mentor group at The Westwood Academy, so that the decisions made are in the best interests of your child.

Groups of Year 6 children from our partner Primary schools are invited to The Westwood Academy for lessons, enabling your children to begin to become familiar with their new school.  During the summer term, those Year 6 children who have chosen to come to The Westwood Academy in September spend a whole Induction Day with us, getting to know staff and pupils in their new school.  During this day they meet their College Director, Personal Mentor and Peer Mentor.  They follow a timetable of lessons and are told about the Academy’s Code of Conduct.  They receive a copy of the Home School Agreement, which outlines the partnership between pupils, parents and the Academy.  In this way they not only learn to find their way around the school but begin to learn what is required of them as a pupil of The Westwood Academy.  On the same evening all parents who have chosen The Westwood Academy as their child’s secondary school are invited to a New Parents Evening to meet our staff.  You will be welcomed by members of the Academy Governing Body and Board.  You will be introduced to your child’s Personal Mentor and can spend time discussing your child’s needs.  The Head, Leadership Team and College Director responsible for Transition discuss curriculum matters and the Academy’s vision for the future.

One of the great strengths of The Westwood Academy is that, for a Secondary school, it is small in size  only taking 600 pupils.  This means that each Year 7 pupil is known by name very quickly  and we focus on their individual needs and stretching all young people to reach their potential from the outset.

On the first morning pupils in the Drama Theatre where the Head Teacher welcomes them.  They are then taken by their Personal Mentor (Tutor) to their Mentor room, where their Personal Mentor will discuss basic routines of daily school life.

These include:

The Westwood Academy Pupil Pack

Personal Planners and Homework Diaries



Academy Code of Conduct

After spending the first part of the morning with their Personal Mentor, pupils move on to their first lesson armed with the knowledge that their Personal Mentor, College Director, Peer Mentors and all other members of staff are there to help them.