A Warm Welcome from Westwood

We are delighted that you are interested in The Westwood Academy as a preferred choice for your child’s secondary education. I joined the Academy over 9 years ago and I was appointed to the Headship of the school in 2015 because I have absolute faith in the education that this school offers. The Governors and I are sure that after reading this prospectus, attending our Open evening and visiting us at your convenience during the working day, you will share our belief.

Our aim is to provide every child with the opportunity to feed their passion for learning, to provide opportunities in and out of the classroom that will help them discover their place in the world. Our goal is exceptional academic performance whatever your child’s ability. Our ability to deliver this goal was affirmed to us in 2015 when Nick Gibb, School’s Minister, wrote to us to inform us that we are a Top 100 school for our sustained exceptional examination performance and we were placed in the top 10 Coventry schools. This places us alongside Finham Park who were the only other Coventry school to receive the prestigious Top 100 school accolade. Given that our results have continued to exceed expectations such that in 2017 we were the second highest performing school in the city behind President Kennedy School

We have been able to do this because I know that we have the most dedicated, experienced and talented teaching staff that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They are more than ably supported by an excellent team of support staff who are fully involved in your child’s learning journey.  The work our teachers do is regularly shared locally and nationally with other schools seeking support. Outside of the classroom there are an enormous number of opportunities to engage in, for example, sports clubs, the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and science, maths and technology societies. We also run a host of curriculum related and other trips to Europe and within the UK so that we give children an opportunity to expand their minds with new experiences. All of these elements result in our children leaving school with the knowledge, experience and skills that are personal to them in preparing them for the next stage of their working life or study. Here in our pack you will find our ‘Promise to pupils’ which details all of the subjects and experiences on offer in each year group.

My expectation of our children’s behaviour is high; manners, respect for others and the school’s rules, exceptional attendance and a strong work ethic are most important. In return, we offer a nurturing and intensely supportive environment in which to learn and grow socially. Our Head Boy and Girl and the student leader team are heavily engaged in how we run the school and how we support all of the children here and this will continue to grow in importance year on year. As a consequence we have a wonderfully inclusive and cohesive ethos and atmosphere which would be hard to replicate. In all of these respects our work continues to be highly regarded by Ofsted, the Department for Education, our local authority education team and schools visiting us to learn about what we do. You will be aware that we have been again re-graded as ‘Good with many outstanding features’ (Ofsted, October 2017) as well as ‘impeccable’ (Coventry Local Authority, 2015) and outstanding for ICT.

Thanks to our location we have powerful working relationships with Warwick University that benefit all of our children. Many parents will also be aware that the decision to form a Multi Academy trust with the outstanding Kenilworth School as lead was agreed by the DfE in July 2018 and this partnership will be formally entered into from January 2019. I might add that our achievements rely on a special relationship between you as parents, our school and your child. A truly successful education can only be achieved if we get this right. So in anticipation I look forward to meeting you and working with you in the future.