Why is there a Governing Body?
There is a governing body in every school and its purpose is to help the school provide the best education possible for its pupils. The members of the School’s Governing Body are:

Parent Governors

Mr Paul Harris – Chair of Governing Body

Mr James Hinde

Mrs Emma Sharp

Academy Governors

Ms Jane Benton – Head Teacher

Mr Stuart Beamish

Mrs Satwinder Toor

Cllr Marcus Lapsa

Mr Martin Vickery

Mr Ben Brereton

Mr Thomas Such

Staff Governors

Ms Jasmine Finlayson

How are governors appointed?

The term of office for any Governor shall be four years; the current structure comprises up to 8 general or academy governors, two staff governors, a maximum of 3 co-opted governors and not less than two parent governors. The Head Teacher is also a governor. Subject to remaining eligible to be a particular type of Governor any Governor may be reappointed or re-elected. Where required the Governing Body will hold Governor Elections, e.g. for parent governors, the rules governing any election are as laid out in the term of office documentation and as directed by statute.

Policies and Procedures Adopted for the Induction and Training of governors

The training and induction provided for new and existing Governors will depend on their existing experience. Where necessary induction will include training on educational, legal and financial matters. All new Governors will be given the opportunity of a tour of the Academy, have the chance to meet with staff and students and are provided with copies of key documents, such as policies, procedures, accounts, budgets, plans and other documents they need to undertake their role as Governors. As there is expected to be only a small number of new Governors a year, induction will be carried out informally and will be tailored specifically to the individual. Training provided by the Coventry Governor Support Unit can also be accessed as required by any governor.

The Chair of Governors will oversee the training of all Governors and will provide a training schedule and agree Link Governors for individual academy faculties.

Organisational Structure

The new Academy was set up with a management structure to support the Education Brief. The Academy’s organisational structure consists of three levels: the Governors, the Strategic Leadership Team and the extended Leadership Team.

The Governors are responsible for setting general policy, adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring its financial and operational performance and making strategic decisions about the direction of the Academy, approving major items of expenditure and making senior staff appointments, such as Head Teacher (Principal, Deputy Head Teacher and other such senior posts). .

What do governors do?

The Governing Body acts as a group, although each governor makes up their own mind about matters considered. Governors are responsible for the mission, aims and the values of the school. They decide with the Head Teacher how the school will develop; maintain and improve standards; and approve the policies and procedures which will support that development. To do things effectively, governors serve on committees and task groups: they attend meetings, get to know the school, undertake training and promote the interest of the school and the education of its pupils.

How to Contact the Chair of Governors

If you need to contact the chair of Governors please do so by writing to :

Mr Paul Harris

Chair Of Governors

The Westwood Academy

Mitchell Avenue

Coventry. CV4 8DY

Or e mail: admin@thewestwoodacademy.co.uk and mark you e mail For the Attention of the Chair of Governors  in the subject field