Science Curriculum Plan

Science at the Westwood Academy is designed to engage and inspire students by promoting investigation and curiosity from the world around us. Students are taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics throughout all key stages. With purpose built laboratories and well-resourced practical supplies and equipment, Science at the Westwood Academy is an exciting and enthralling experience. We have a team of teachers with individual specialties and a range of experience that collaborate to develop key scientific skills whilst supporting literacy and numeracy standards across the school.

Key Stage 3 Science

The science department is committed to a broad based curriculum incorporating its responsibility under regulations governing the National Curriculum. Students complete Key Stage 3 in 2 years. Throughout these two years they will build on the fundamental science taught to them at key stage two. Topics will cover all areas of science including Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course aims to be both practical and engaging for the students to give them the best possible start to their GCSE courses.

Key Stage 4 Science GCSE

From the end of the autumn term in year 9 all students will begin studying for an AQA Trilogy Combined Science qualification. This will enable our students to develop a scientific understanding of concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They will continue their learning into year 11, where students will be terminally assessed through a range of examination papers.

Year 10 students have started the AQA Trilogy Combined Science qualification or the separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE’S. This will be terminally assessed through examination in June 2018.

Additional Science GCSE’s

Once year 10 exams are complete, our students take Additional Science to the end of year 11. The Additional Science course will challenge and extend our students further developing concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They will continue this course into year 11 and this will be assessed at the end of the academic year with three exams and a practical controlled assessment.

Triple Science GCSE’s

Our most academic students also have the opportunity to pursue three Science GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will be sit three examination papers for each area and gain three GCSE grades.

Chemistry A/S AQA

Our course develops problem solving skills and ability to apply scientific concepts and mathematical reasoning to new and complex situations.

The course consists of A/S Chemistry where students study Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry concepts. Students complete a range of required practical’s which are assessed in the exams.

Biology A2 OCR

The Biology A2 specification enables students to access the content based approach through a range of practical applications. Students are assessed on all content and skills in terminally assessed examination papers.