History Curriculum Plan 2019 2021

History at the Westwood Academy.

History at Key Stage Three

Throughout Key Stage Three, students study change and continuity in both British and world History, looking at key events in British history, e.g. The Battle of Hastings, and World History including both World Wars. Students complete regular assessments throughout the year and end of year exams in each year to assess progress. In years 7 and 8 there is a focus on developing student’s literacy skills as well as their history skills.

Year Seven. Power and Democracy- Focusing on Medieval History, with events such as Battle of Hastings, the black death, the first parliament and the Wars of the Roses. Students will then move onto the Tudor period where they will study the Reformation through the reigns of Henry VIII through to Elizabeth the I. Students will then study the Stuarts, looking particularly at the Civil War and the restoration of the Monarchy.

Year 8. Power and Democracy Focusing on the role of the Chartists and the Suffragettes in getting the vote for ordinary people in England. Empire and Slavery– Focusing on the first colony at Roanoake and then moving onto the scramble for Africa and then onto the Indian Empire. Students will also look at the origins of slavery and focus on the Atlantic Slave trade and slavery in America and then ultimately the Civil Rights movement.

Year 9 The 20th Century- Students will start by looking at what the sinking of Titanic tells us about class attitudes of the 20th century and then will move onto studying the events of World War One and World War two, which will also include study of the Holocaust and Hiroshima. Students will then move onto studying the Cold War.

History at Key Stage Four

We follow OCR School History Project. Medicine through Time is our development study and Nazi Germany as our depth study. Our local history project is on Kenilworth Castle. The assessment consists of a two hour paper on both Medicine and Germany worth 45%. Another paper which is one hour thirty minute source paper on public health in the 19th century worth 30% and a controlled assessment on Kenilworth Castle worth 25% of the final mark

History at Key Stage Five

We follow the AQA syllabus for A Level. In year 12 students do two units, 1L on Britain from 1906-1951 and 2P Civil Rights movement in America In year 13 students do two units, 3N on International Relations and 4X which is a personal enquiry of the student’s choice.

Extracurricular visits and experiences

We have many opportunities for students to take part in visits and fieldwork at the Westwood Academy; some of our most popular visits are Warwick Castle in year 7, Kenilworth Castle in Year 10 and Auschwitz in year 12.