English Curriculum Plan

“There is music in words, and it can be heard you know, by thinking.” – E.L. Doctorow.

 In English we create a web of stories harvesting myth and legend from around the globe and reinforcing it with stories we create ourselves.

We see reading, writing, speaking and listening as essential life skills vital in allowing us a rich and vibrant existence.

Key Stage Three:

At Key Stage Three we study modern authors alongside authors from the literary heritage and explore writing from different periods and genres. We look at the impact of the media and at ways to make a voice compelling.

Key Stage Four:

At Key Stage Four all pupils prepare for examination in both English Language and English Literature. Whilst there are some texts prescribed for study we hone our skills through reading, analysing and creating texts that provoke questioning and reflection.

Key Stage Five:

At Key Stage Five we offer an A Level in English Literature. Again, whilst some texts are set by the Examination Board pupils are encouraged to select their own texts to work on in the coursework units.


Pupils are encouraged to compete in The Kids Lit Quiz, a national competition, participate in Book Awards, go “Through the Magic Portal” in a writing group and tell “Fables in the Foyer”. Partnership with The University of Warwick has led to challenging reading and writing projects and a citywide initiative teaches the skills of competitive debating.

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