Drama Curriculum Plan 2019 – 2021


“Drama is every aspect of life, is you, is me, and is someone else.

To speak, to listen and to understand, presenting, provoking and participating in an imagined world.”


Ethos and overview

Drama at the Westwood Academy has an outstanding reputation in teaching and learning and for offering its students a range of experiences in all aspects of the subject. At KS3 the students get the chance to perform in class in a range of styles, which are tailored to their needs and interests as they move through each year. Drama offers the students here a unique opportunity to work in ways not encountered in most other subjects. Students work collaboratively in groups of varying sizes and learn to share ideas and listen to others. Reflection and evaluation are encouraged throughout the lessons and students work in ways which encourage independent thinking and learning. With a strong focus on practical work students are able to work creatively and expressively whilst also improving their self-confidence. Play scripts and stimuli are adapted regularly to meet the needs, skills and interests of the students and to reflect the changing world around them. Drama is a popular subject at Westwood and is enjoyed extensively by students across the Academy.

GCSE Drama

At GCSE level AQA Drama offers students the opportunity to develop a number of skills, both academically and practically. They are given the opportunity to devise theatre pieces of their own, working together to produce all aspects of a performance, from page to stage, further developing their written English skills through asking them to analyse their own work and a professional performance they have seen during the course, in the written exam. The course is split in to three units: progress, performance and a written final exam. The progress and performance marks make up 60% of the final mark, with the written exam responsible for the remaining 40%. Students that study GCSE Drama at Westwood visit the theatre and take part in extra-curricular rehearsals and performances throughout the course displaying throughout; dedication, passion and a genuine commitment to being the best they can be. Continued outstanding results in drama reflect this ethos and continue to be a tribute to the fantastic work produced by the drama students at Westwood Academy.

Level 3 BTEC (6th form)

The level 3 BTEC Performing Arts course at Westwood develops students for a wide range of roles in industry and in higher education, by building not only their performing ability; but also their interpersonal skills, self-confidence and understanding of a wide range of issues. Students explore a range of topics through group and individual work and this helps to develop their analytical skills, whilst also building opinions on a range of stimuli. Students work individually and in groups on a range of tasks exploring physical theatre, Improvisation, discussion, debate, devising and script writing; as they develop ways of producing drama pieces that they will share in final public performances. Drama pieces will be worked on throughout the year alongside working journals that comprehensively document the learning journey and all aspects of the students development from the rehearsal stages right through to performance. The units that are covered during the course focus specifically on the following key acting skills.

Performing scripted plays

Devising Theatre

Children’s Theatre

Principles of acting

Performing to an audience

This qualification provides Westwood drama students with a strong base of skills for further study of the Performing Arts at University or for any role within this area or public services.

As well as production and performance in Drama, the course also develops interpersonal, thinking and teamwork skills in students; enabling them to confidently go on to any course at university or vocational placements that require these types of personal strengths.


The annual school production is produced and performed by KS4 and 5 students.

KS3 students are offered workshops and drama clubs in conjunction with Warwick University and are invited to take part in KS4 and 5 rehearsals to help develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the subject.

KS4 and 5 rehearsals take place throughout the year weekly after school to aid progression on practical exam pieces and skills.

The Creative Faculty hosts a whole school talent show each year which celebrates the individual talents of students across the school.