Design & Technology Curriculum Plan

Design and Technology

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple is creativityĀ¯ Charles Mingus

Design and Technology at The Westwood Academy is department that focuses on creativity and independence learning across Key Stage 3 and 4. Our aims are to provide opportunities for the students to:

  • Be creative; take an idea and create a viable product.
  • Strive for successful outcomes when set a design task
  • To develop enquiry, initiative, ingenuity and resourcefulness to solve design problems.
  • To experiment with different designs and be able to adapt them to fit the design brief or make them better

Design & Technology is taught in 4-specialist room; each allows for teaching and learning to be diverse and across the technology spectrum. There are 3 specialist practical areas one for woodwork and one for metal working which includes hot metals area and the kitchen. The D&T area also has a designated computer room where students can use ICT including Photoshop and 2D Design this multipurpose room has access to the laser cutter, a heat press and access to CAD/CAM through use of dye sublimation. These facilities allow the students to produce a range of 2D and 3D work.

The Design and Technology Department comprises of two teaching staff and two technicians. All staff contribute to the development of courses and we use our enthusiasm to motivate students.


Year 6 students have the opportunity to attend taster sessions after school, which focus on small design and making tasks.


Students have two lessons of 50 minutes per week, as single lessons. KS3 is divided into modules and pupils rotate to experience different materials and utilise specialist staff expertise and resources. In Year 7 & 8 they focus on 6 modules that are studied every half term. Pupils will experience and use a range of materials with which they will solve design problems.


In KS 4 students can choose the Design and Technology subject of their choice. They are able to choose from Resistant Materials, Engineering or Catering. Whatever material area students choose they will complete a controlled assessed task (CAT) worth 60% of the final grade and also sit an exam at the end of the course worth 40% of the final grade.

Resistant Materials focuses on the research, designing and making of a product based on an exam task set by the Exam Board. This is supported by an exam that is based on knowledge and understanding of resistant materials.

Catering focuses on the development of practical cooking skills, where students make a range of dishes based on a theme. This is supported by an exam that is based on the catering industry and the customer.