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Year 11 Feedback

Moving on Publication

Engagement with Employers, Outside Agencies, Providers and Higher Education

DHL Workplace Visit (Year 10)

Variety of tasks including;

  • Production line simulation in silence with no instructions,
  • Production line task allowing verbal communication and with instructions and specification sheet
  • CV writing
  • Guided tour
  • Q&A with staff
  • Lunch with DHL employees in staff canteen
  • Team jigsa




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GO4SET – Engineering Trust Project 2 Westwood teams (Year 8 & 9)

  • Work with industry mentor (JLR and Squires Gears and Engineering Ltd.)
  • Launch event – Birmingham Airport – team work task (tower building)
  • 12 week project – Eco Hotel
  • Visit to The Orchard Hotel Nottingham (multimillion/ award winning eco hotel) – Q&A with Facilities Manager and tour.
  • Planning project – making model
  • Written Report/model – take to Regional Big Bang Fair (Ricoh Arena)

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Pathways To Construction– In partnership with Bouygues UK and Whitefriars Housing (Year 9)


  • Exploring variety of roles in the construction industry (trades to degree level) – size and scale (global)
  • Practical tower building task in teams (marshmallows and spaghetti) – planning and design time
  • Q&A time with construction industry employees

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Careers Area Induction (Year 7 – 9)

  • Careers centre familiarisation – team quiz
  • Q&A with Head Of Careers
  • Breakfast provided!


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“Top Nosh” – Hospitality and Catering workplace visit (Year 9)

  • Q&A session with manager
  • Tour of workplace

Planning session before visit – company research and questions

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Oxford University Pathways Day (Year 10)

  • Including Q&A with undergraduates
  • Mixed school groups for discussion tasks

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Inspiring Futures Programme  – In partnership with Warwick Inspire (Year 8 & 10)

Variety of tasks including;

  • Solving a student budgeting problem
  • Solving a student time management problem
  • Planning and creating own university society
  • Teamwork tasks
  • Working with Warwick University undergraduates
  • Tour of Warwick University and Q&A lunch with undergraduates
  • Year 8 – day in the life of a sixth former

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Planned College Day – “The Built Environment”
(Years 7 – 10)

  • Currently in the planning stages with industry and business partners
  • Whole school College Day to hit all skills
  • 4 Zones – Engineering, Construction, Housing, Careers



Skills For Industry Programme – In partnership with The Design and Technology Association (Year 8)

  • work with an industry partner from Severn Trent Water
  • SOW and activities still in planning stages
  • Westwood staff work alongside a consultant to design and produce teaching resources to develop skills for industry
  • To be delivered in the Summer Term 2017
  • Understand the benefits of teamwork and to work as part of a team to find solutions to a series of challenges.
  • Use simple methods of solving problems whilst adhering to budgets (using Excel and on paper).
  • Apply the principles and knowledge taught in lessons to real problems

Apply methodical ways of analysing their performance to develop new and improved solutions.

Hitz On Track – 6 week pre engagement programme (Year 10/11)


  • Preparation for life/work
  • Combines classroom based work with practical sport and sports leadership
  • To be delivered in the Summer Term 2017

Visit to Moreton Morrell

  • Q&A session with admissions officer
  • Tour of college


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Visit to Bouygues Construction Site

  • Q&A session with site manager
  • Tour of site

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